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Late in 2009, National Raisin Company — a Fowler California grower / packer responsible for one out of every three raisins sold in the United States — engaged Goldforest to develop and execute a brand strategy for an innovative new snack food product. National’s R&D department had developed a unique process of flavoring raisins with natural juices from other fruits, adding citric and ascorbic acids and a light dusting of sugar (about 10% of the sugar that naturally occurs in raisins), to create a sweet and sour taste profile that more resembled candy than dried fruit.

Raisels Strategy Chart

Goldforest's key marketing insight was that Raisels could be used to reposition raisins from healthy but "boring" to healthy and exciting, while cookies and candy could be made a bit healthier but would never be perceived as "as healthy" as Raisels, which are, after all, real fruit.

Raisels Packaging

Raisels come in film-wrapped bricks containing six 1.25 oz. paperboard cartons each.

Though preliminary research indicated that people of all ages loved the taste, Goldforest proposed a kid-focused strategy in order to compete directly with cookies and candy as a healthy, real fruit alternative to sugar-based snack foods. Mom might buy the product for her kids, but in the end, it would be consumed by anyone with a sweet & sour tooth.

Sour Orange Burst Raisels

Each Raisels carton is illustrated with a Raisels character interacting with another fruit. Here Ozzie Orange shoots his pal Flying Otis from a canon!

The brand platform Goldforest proposed was fun, friendly and responsible; the Hollywood, Florida brand consultancy developed the name Raisels to communicate a relationship to raisins but at the same time to differentiate the new product. The colorful, energetic packaging features a series of illustrations, one for each flavor, of Raisels characters interacting with other fruits.

Raisels achieved national distribution by the end of 2010, six months after introduction.

Goldforest also developed Raisels’ Web site, and social media presence (via Facebook and Twitter pages), and a brand introduction marketing strategy. This included retailer and media sampling kits, a very successful Mommy Blog tour and a Facebook promotion that netted 20,000 “likes” in one day.

National Raisin Company is America’s largest processor of raisins for private label and industrial sales distribution.

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