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An earlier version of this post was one of the most popular I’ve published. So here it is again, 2013 style. Whether you enjoy my comments or not, please let me know. If you have alternate nominations, post them below!

Let’s get started.



Tea Forte Cocktail InfusionsTea Forte Cocktail Infusions packaging offers gorgeous photography, full of dynamic tension. This is an awesome use of color; it’s simply alive with energy. Understated design architecture perfectly balances the master brand with varietal information. The booth display was majestically staged too. Congratulations on this strong execution!


Wisecrackers Packaging

There’s so much to like, starting with the name, about Wisecrackers’ flatbread packaging from Partners. The visual flow begins with each plain but tastefully displayed hero image. This perfectly frames the brand badging, a ribbon that floats from one package to the next, multiplying the impact of a contiguous shelf set, and steering the eye across the product range. I think they could improve the layout of the remaining information: the brand descriptor, the flavor name, and the callout points; but that’s a minor point in the overall context. On the macro level, this is a well-balanced, inviting, and highly-effective design system.



Vermont Real Sticks Positioning SloganSo many artisanal brands are so darned good to eat that it becomes hard to build a platform on taste alone. I always find it enjoyable to see new ways of making the “tastes great” claim. From Vermont Smoke & Cure comes this winning line: “Damn Fine Flavor You Won’t Find Anywhere Else.” It ties a reason-to-believe (Vermont) to bold colorful packaging, with a folksy, genuine promise. All in eight simple words.


Just what fine chocolate has to do with pigs I may never understand. But it’s a connection that’s made so many nice ways in artisanal branding that I just have to call attention to it.

Hammond's Pigs 'N Taters Chocolate

Hammond’s Candies Pigs N’ Taters bar had an inspiring taste that opened my eyes to the possibilities of combining the two great tastes of bacon and chocolate!


Vosges Noble Pig Chocolate LibraryVosges three-bar collection, packaged like a set of books, is visually rich and offers strong production values. Along with the name, Noble Pig, it’s guaranteed to catch your eye in an upscale retail environment.


Bacon Bark from Bear Creek Smokehouse

I don’t care for this package design from Bear Creek Smokehouse. The product is probably too expensive for the average retail offering, and in contrast to Vosges’ approach, it lacks the design sensibility needed to stand out on a more upscale shelf set. But hey, it’s got pigs and bacon!


Truffle Pig from Hagensborg Chocolate

This offering from Hagensborg Chocolates is not only well-named, but features an appealing design that makes me believe something delicious is inside.


Fat Toad Caramel from Fat Toad Farm

Not quite pigs and chocolate, but toads and caramel comes from the same school of brand imagery! Kudos on the execution from Fat Toad Farm.



Blackberry Patch Fruit Syrups, Most Artisanal Packaging winner, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013

This simple two colors-on-white presentation, combined with equally simple illustrations and an appropriate typeface, gives Blackberry Patch a strong home-made appeal. You just know this belongs in a guest house or on any special dining table.

.Bonnies's Jams, a winner for Most Artisanal Packaging, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013

Bonnie’s Jams accomplishes the same task with one color and an attractive “handwritten” font. It works, but as a design consultant, I’d like to see better varietal differentiation, especially when the label covers up so much of the product. But don’t think I wouldn’t love to have a couple of jars in my fridge right now!


Grace & I, winner Most Artisanal Packaging, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013Grace & I, winner, Most Artisanal Packaging, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013

The name and visual identity of Grace & I’s line of fruit & nut presses and condiments are unique and original. The double entendre is intriguing; is the brand about personal redemption or partnership? The visual is a little coarse, like homespun fabric. It’s all just perfect for an artisanal brand.



It’s a four-way tie in this category, demonstrating once again, the power of color to engage the customer, differentiate varieties, and establish a brand proposition.


Maya Kaimal Indian Simmer Sauces, winner, Best Use of Color, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013Provenance, or place-of-origin branding, can be a powerful brand platform.These otherwise simple labels for Maya Kaimal Indian Simmer Sauce work from a palette of colors that instantly evokes the visual richness of Mother India herself.


Republic of Tea Be Active Teas, winner, Best Use of Color, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013The Republic of Tea created this energetic color palette for its Be Active line of herb teas. Leaning also on its healthy-looking sans-serif type treatment, this line has an upscale feel that lends credence to the functional claims the product names imply.


Taffy from Sweet Candy Company, winner, Best Use of Color, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013You can’t get more summery than this packaging from Sweet Candy Company. These bright and charming gift boxes say just about everything that needs said about what comes inside.


Siggi's Swedish Style FilmjolkYou don’t need a lot of color to use color wisely! Siggi’s provides a splash — in the illustrations on its otherwise pure white containers. It conveys a healthy, delicious and gourmet image.



Found Beverages, winner, Most Original Primary Packaging, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013The unique shape of Found beverage packaging from Australia, along with the strong graphic presentation, were a nice “find” at the show. I loved the enthusiasm and positive energy of its manufacturers, who were able to slow me down long enough to pass along their vision for an environmentally conscious beverage company (carbon neutral, pesticide free and more) with label-free glass bottles that encourage adaptive secondary uses.


Bornay Desserts Orange Sorbet, winner, Most Original Primary Packaging, chosen by Goldforest on Branding, Fancy Food Show 2013It’s not the retail packaging for this line of sorbet treats that thrills me. (The design seems more appropriate for home décor than food.) No, it’s the use of a real orange for the primary package that surprises in this presentation from Bornay Deserts. Along with sorbet-filled watermelon wedges, coconuts and other natural casings, the use of real fruit to contain and serve frozen desert earns applause for impact. You can’t get more original than this! (Although you could get a more heroic looking photograph.)


No idea can succeed without proper execution.

Sweet Potato Crackers from Millchap

Characters that animate products, mascots if you will, must be instantly loveable. The bar has been set high in this approach to branding. For Millchap Sweet Potato Company, the image on its line of salt and savory crackers more closely resembles a rough concept than a final design. It is unappealing in this presentation, and probably not worthy of the product inside.


gimMe Roasted Seaweed Snacks

Having presented for client consideration thousands of product names, I know that colloquial phrases and unique spellings can provide a strong brand foundation. The challenge is in knowing the line beyond which shoppers may struggle to read or understand your proposition. I feel that gimMe all natural Roasted Seaweed Snacks, a Sofi Awards Finalist, has crossed it.

Maybe it’s the capitalization. Maybe it’s the lounging turtle. But I don’t think they’ve succeeded in conveying the intended “gotta have it” feeling with the product name. For that matter, the pedestrian photography does not match the upbeat, almost whacky mood of the rest of the package design. I’d love to be asked to convey this product’s Sofi-winning qualities in a more compelling way!


Tukas Brand Tomato Paste

Unless your target market is extremely focused, cultural sensitivity should be liberally applied before the brand name goes on. This Turkish brand is more than 50 years old. That’s long enough to know what tukas means in American slang. This is the tomato paste equivalent of selling the Nova automobile in Mexico.

That’s my take on the show folks. I had a great time. Met lots of interesting people. And as you can see, found plenty of great design!

And I was serious when I said you should leave your thoughts. The button is just below.

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If you scanned the QR code on the promotional piece you received at the Fancy Food Show, you’ve come to the right place. Please review the slides below to see some of Goldforest’s brand-building work. It’s all based on strategy and backed by consumer research. Like what you see? We’re available to help juice your existing brands, create new ones, consult on strategy, or meet with your team to facilitate a day-long learning and brainstorming session.

Interested? Call Michael David Gold at 954-929-7790. If you’re still at the show and want to meet him face to face, call his cell at 305-984-9971.

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Devcon Home Super Glue

New branding for Devcon Home features vibrant color, lifestyle photography, simplified bullet points, and a more relevant slogan, "For Everything Worth Fixing."

ITW Consumer, a division of the Fortune 200 firm Illinois Tool Works Inc. has been rolling out revised packaging with recently developed, more consumer friendly brand positioning. The packaging features a new slogan, “For Everything Worth Fixing,” as well as vibrant color, a simplified bullet point system, and lifestyle photography that introduces the element of human relationships to the brand identity system.

The brand agency behind the new system, Goldforest, began its work two years ago with a strategic consulting engagement to break down the category and recommend updates to the existing packaging. Having developed multiple brands for the DIY channel, Goldforest recommended that Devcon, a long time leader in the epoxy segment whose packaging had been neglected over the years, adopt revised brand positioning in order to make the brand more relevant to today’s DIY consumer.

“Their positioning line, ‘Scientific Yet Simple,’ confused us,” said Michael Gold, Goldforest principal. “The packaging was anything but simple. We spent days in the aisles at major retailers and watched a procession of customers come in, review their options, and walk away in frustration when they couldn’t figure out which product to purchase. Second of all, that slogan lacked the emotional impact we thought this product deserved.”

Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy, Legacy Packaging

Legacy packaging featured the slogan "Scientific Yet Simple," and had a wide array of callout points that were confusing to customers in the contemporary adhesives aisle.

Devcon Home 5 Minute EpoxyDevcon Home Rubber AdhesiveFollowing its consulting engagement, Goldforest was hired to develop and implement a new brand identity system. “The first thing we suggested,” said Mr. Gold, “was to rename the line Devcon Home, to distinguish it from an industrial line of adhesives that also operates under the Devcon trademark.

Next we recommended the new slogan. It recognizes that we’ve gotten used to throwing out rather than repairing, but that some things are precious enough to repair. Images of father and son fixing a bicycle, mother and daughter fixing a treasured object of art, etc. reinforce the human value of fix-it projects.”

The new package design system simplified and organized the presentation of key information and developed a color coding system to distinguish epoxies, super glues (cyanoacrylates), and multi-purpose glues from one another. Goldforest designed primary and secondary packaging for the first fifteen units of the line, and turned the project over to ITW Consumer with a brand identity manual containing guidelines for the design and production of future packages, enabling its client to bring ongoing work in-house.

For information on Goldforest’s capabilities in brand consulting and package design, contact Michael David Gold at 954-929-7790.

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Goldforest has completed a brand consulting assignment to develop product concepts and package designs for licensees of the iconic Crayola brand. Crayola research and recent experience has demonstrated strong market potential for its brand outside of its core categories involving coloring and other “marks on paper.”

Research showed that baking and gardening rank highly both as outlets for children’s creativity, and as activities enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Goldforest was engaged to develop ideas for product lines and packaging in both areas (30 SKU’s in total).

Both lines were created to meet then current brand identity standards, updated by Crayola at the beginning of 2010.

Crayola Bake & Build Line

With Bake & Build products, kids get the cake molds, decorative plastic trim pieces like the lights, wheels and grill for this truck, and the joy of decorating with all their creative whimsy! Instructions emphasize learning weights, measures and safe baking instructions (always with Mom's supervision).

Crayola Baking Expressions Line

The Baking Expressions line was developed to give children an opportunity to bake basic products with mom, and then decorate colorfully to their hearts content. Instructions come in coloring book form.

Crayola Gardening Tools

Color 'n Grow stick tools are designed in actual Crayola crayon colors, with packaging that doubles as a coloring board. The set on the right contains a gardening diary, seeds and a color-in gardening tee shirt.

Crayola Gardening Tools

The handle of the watering can serves as the box handle too. These sets come with acrylic paints that let kids color and personalize their plant and flower pots. Seeds included.

Crayola Gardening Tools

Frog-face knee pads and hand tools on the left. Gardening boots with acrylic paints in Crayola colors for personalization on the right.

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