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Goldforest has completed a brand consulting assignment to develop product concepts and package designs for licensees of the iconic Crayola brand. Crayola research and recent experience has demonstrated strong market potential for its brand outside of its core categories involving coloring and other “marks on paper.”

Research showed that baking and gardening rank highly both as outlets for children’s creativity, and as activities enjoyed by kids and parents alike. Goldforest was engaged to develop ideas for product lines and packaging in both areas (30 SKU’s in total).

Both lines were created to meet then current brand identity standards, updated by Crayola at the beginning of 2010.

Crayola Bake & Build Line

With Bake & Build products, kids get the cake molds, decorative plastic trim pieces like the lights, wheels and grill for this truck, and the joy of decorating with all their creative whimsy! Instructions emphasize learning weights, measures and safe baking instructions (always with Mom's supervision).

Crayola Baking Expressions Line

The Baking Expressions line was developed to give children an opportunity to bake basic products with mom, and then decorate colorfully to their hearts content. Instructions come in coloring book form.

Crayola Gardening Tools

Color 'n Grow stick tools are designed in actual Crayola crayon colors, with packaging that doubles as a coloring board. The set on the right contains a gardening diary, seeds and a color-in gardening tee shirt.

Crayola Gardening Tools

The handle of the watering can serves as the box handle too. These sets come with acrylic paints that let kids color and personalize their plant and flower pots. Seeds included.

Crayola Gardening Tools

Frog-face knee pads and hand tools on the left. Gardening boots with acrylic paints in Crayola colors for personalization on the right.

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