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“Goldforest has proven its worth to us time and again. They understand our business, think deeply about our image and message, and continually help us build our customer relationships with their creativity and dedication.”

Kirk Taylor, President, Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace

“Under my direction, Goldforest created a handful of successful brands for a Nestle subsidiary, including brand names, packaging, consumer-facing Web sites and trade-oriented collateral materials. They have a unique ability to develop meaningful consumer insights and turn them into effective brand messaging.”

Kobi Afek, Former Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Osem USA (Nestle Subsidiary)

“I’ve worked with Goldforest for more than 20 years. They are true partners: they make my problems theirs. Their solutions are always creative, and they execute consistently with emotional and aesthetic impact. On top of all that, Michael runs Goldforest with a rare degree of honesty and integrity.”

Harold Nash, CEO, Continuum

“As the managing director of an international payments company, I trusted Goldforest to distinguish my brand from dozens of competitors in a very active segment. They did it so well, I’ve engaged them in a number of subsequent career stops.”

Oscar Garcia, Corporate Officer and Entrepreneur

“Over the past fifteen years, I have retained Goldforest to execute several assignments that include both consumer and corporate brand development. Their work helped us establish credible brand positions in the marketplace and, in two cases, provided a brand position from which we could sell these ventures to much larger companies. In our latest engagement, Goldforest created the user interface for our online platform for high-end door hardware. I can always count on Michael and his team for insight, creative execution, and results!”

Roy Moore, CEO, First Impressions International

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