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Goldforest 420 Trade Brochure Goldforest 420 Trade Brochure
Goldforest 420 Trade Website Goldforest 420 Trade Website


Brand and Category Creation and Introduction


Category Name, Flavor Names, Logotype, Packaging, Trade Web Site, Introductory Consumer Campaign, Promotional Materials

Our competitive research revealed no truly logical place on the shelf for this brewed, never alcoholic, fruit-derived beverage. We recommended a new category, the “Soft Brew,” to give it context, indicating a traditionally alcoholic beverage, beer, gone “soft.” This name is now used by a number of market entrants. The 420 brand graphics, flavor names, and color palette all provide a sense of fun, relaxation and discovery.


Brand Restage


Consumer research, brand name, logotype, package design, POP display design

This all-natural recipe for crunchy spheroids of apples and added fruit flavors, originally known as “Popples,” lacked brand meaning and “Reason to Buy.” Our qualitative tasting research across a wide spectrum of ages and lifestyles told us consistently that the unique and most enjoyable feature of this product is its loud crunch and mouth feel. The resulting identity, including brand name and design elements, aptly recognizes that crunch.


Brand Identity for Costco


Brand platform and visual identity, package design.

This superior product, popular at Whole Foods and other fresh and natural markets, needed an alternate identity for use at Costco. We worked with the brand’s heritage of backwoods smoking and the absence of artificial ingredients or preservatives. Research showed the potential benefits of a story based upon place-of-origin in seafood branding. Our package tells the tale of a fly-fishing experience on the Ducktrap River, giving this product a fresh-caught and very personal feel.


Gluten Free Brand Creation and Introduction


Category research, brand name, logotype, package design, package copy, product photography, Website. Introductory campaign including mommy blog tour, sampling kits, and social media campaign.

Seeking entry to the burgeoning gluten-free retail sector, our client, a Nestlé subsidiary, engaged Goldforest to create a brand identity for this line of pretzels and other snacks. The name Gratify followed from insights we developed on consumer perceptions of gluten free taste and product satisfaction within the category. The upscale look supported a premium product formulation; its rich blue hue is consistent with notions of trust and quality.
Goldforest Salvaggios Traditions Dressings Goldforest Salvaggios Traditions Dressings


Private Label Brand Creation


Competitive research, private brand portfolio analysis, brand strategy, brand name, visual identity architecture, package design, product photography

Our challenge was to separate this retailer’s shelf-stable products from its highly successful Salvaggio’s brand family. We recommended differentiating from the legacy brand while drawing on its market leverage. Using Salvaggio’s as an endorser to the new Traditions line, we created an upscale and contemporary label that stands out boldly from the national brand labels sharing its shelves. We also employed a “quality seal” using a bust of the chain’s now-deceased but well-remembered founder and namesake.


Private Label Fresh Brand


Brand strategy, Label Design

We created a brand to unify the portfolio of refrigerated fresh products sold at this upscale Midwest fresh grocery. Using coordinated color palettes and bold background text, we helped communicate concepts like freshness, purity and good health.


Brand Creation


Category research, naming, logotype, package design, product photography, package copy, Web site, trade show strategy and booth.

Entering the highly competitive rice- and pasta-based side dish market in the US, Osem USA, a Nestlé subsidiary, asked Goldforest to build a consumer platform and create the new brand. Our research led to a dynamic design with visual depth-of-field, a target-like dominant element, ownable color schemes and eye-catching violators. The resulting packaging was a strong attention getter at 20 feet, and provided excellent variety differentiation at arm’s length. Our trade show booth actually incorporated a shelf set with competitive brands to demonstrate the strength of the design system.


Brand Restage and Introductory Campaign


Category research, national consumer survey, brand positioning strategy, package design, package copy, product photography. Introductory campaign including sampling kits. mommy blog tour, national contest and sweepstakes promotion, social media campaign, digital advertising.

The US subsidiary of one of Israel’s largest food manufacturers engaged us to make over its Passover brand. Our research showed that American Jews believe there is a difference between Matzah made in the US and Israel, and they strongly prefer the latter. We used the word “Israeli” in front of each product name and featured a classic Israeli image on each package. We also created a campaign focused on the next generation of Passover celebrants, complete with Passover games and online activities for children. We engaged a panel of mommy bloggers to review the line and promote a sweepstakes and other contests we designed. Our campaign generated several million targeted exposures over a 60 day campaign leading up to the holiday.


Brand Creation and Introduction


Category and consumer research, positioning strategy, brand and flavor names, logotype, cartoon characters, packaging, package copy, Web site (including online games and child activities). Introductory campaign including trade sampling kit, mommy blog tour, Facebook sampling program.

How do you sell golden raisins that have been transformed into a healthy snack food that rivals candy in taste sensation? Goldforest recommended a “demanded by kids, approved by mom,” positioning, built around the notions of FUN, friendly and responsible. We coined the Raisels brand name to differentiate from raisins while making the obvious and relevant comparison. Our sampling campaign netted 40,000 Facebook likes over two days. Our trade-oriented campaign helped Raisels achieve national distribution within the first six months after introduction.


Private Label BBQ Brand


Naming brand and flavors, logotype, label design.

The name Northern Smoke provides a romantic reference to place of origin for this Michigan-based private brand. (The initials also reference the retailer’s name: Nino Salvaggio’s.) The rustic, simple label design displays prominently on a crowded shelf and conveys bold, honest flavors built on simple, bespoke store recipes.

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