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Private Label


Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace

The bakery at Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace produces hundreds of products using proprietary recipes and high quality ingredients. It’s a key differentiator that attracts loyal customers. The brand identity uses original woodcut illustrations of an early 20th century Tuscan village, connoting artisanship and premium quality. This brand originally included shelf stable products like pasta sauces, salad dressings and olive oil. Over time we narrowed the focus to fresh-baked products and are gradually moving the other elements into other, more closely-defined brands.


Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace

Originally housed under the Salvaggio’s brand, shelf stable products made from proprietary recipes but produced off premises merited their own brand identity. We borrowed elements from the Salvaggio’s brand to signal continuity, while establishing a new, more contemporary design system. To honor the company founder, Nino Salvaggio, we included his bust in an “authenticity seal,” along with the words “A Heritage of Quality.” The system distinguishes this line on shelf from national brand competitors.


Home Depot

Our client, a category insider with heavyweight credentials, engaged us to develop a proposal for rebranding the Home Depot paint department with increased focus on private label branding. The before image shows the aisle lacked visual focus and consumer guidance, resulting in the loss of potential sales. Our restage included two versions of the proprietary Performance brand: one for consumers (Select, using 3 silver stars) and one for professionals (Plus, 5 gold stars). Signage was bold, colorful and helpful to the DIY consumer.


Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace

Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace was built on a heritage of fresh produce, as symbolized by the ripe strawberry featured on the chain’s banner. Though the stores now offer a broader range, the brand identity remains inextricably linked to fresh. We created a packaging system that places the store logo on a clean label, accented by vibrant color. The identity signals quality, good taste and great value, and is used on all fresh products that have value-added processing or packaging.


:10 Minute Manicure

:10 Minute Manicure found airports full of customers with pre-flight time to spare, and with money to spend personally or for last minute gifting. We developed the :dash brand name and visual identity to coordinate with the retail banner. The slogan “Go Beautiful” is an aspirational double entendre that appeals to the customer demographic.



We have developed a number of private brands in the grocery sector, including names, visual brand identities and package design systems. When products like those shown here do not span multiple categories, our designs are informed by research identifying key points of difference with national brand competitors.


Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace

As non-traditional retailers find traction in the grocery sector (mass discounters, small format banners, online competitors, meal kits and more), traditional banners must exploit all available competitive advantages. Among them are ready or near-ready-to-serve meal solutions. Under the Nino’s Marketplace brand we combined a number of products made on-premises and packaged to heat and serve. We developed the slogan “Good to Go” in support of the concept, and used a brand badge that can be easily updated to bring new products online quickly.


Louis Jay Studio

A fine wine proffered by the connoisseur-owner of a photography studio to a select group of high-end customers..

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