Michael Gold, Biography

The founder of Goldforest, Michael develops brands and market strategies. He leads the creative team and works directly with Goldforest clients to frame problems, propose solutions, and execute programs that bring life to brands.

Michael sidestepped a more corporate life by starting Goldforest just after earning an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Active in the community, he has served on the board of the Advertising Federation of Greater Miami for the past 20 years. He’s twice been named Advertising Person of the Year by this organization. Michael has served as a professional advisor in his areas of expertise to both Florida International University and AI Miami International University. He is currently also on the Board of the University of Michigan Alumni Association of Miami – Fort Lauderdale.

Michael develops and presents seminars on a range of topics at trade shows and in university settings. He also consults with companies looking to develop strategies and creative programs for in-house execution.

Under Michael’s leadership, Goldforest has won many awards over the years, including the ADDY Award, Creativity, HOW Design Annual, American Graphic Design Award, MarCom, Davey, American Corporate Identity, Telly, Summit, Vision, and more. Its work has appeared in numerous design publications, and Michael has published articles in various national trade journals.

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Michael Gold Bio

Michael Speaks

Bringing the Message to Your Audience

An accomplished public speaker, Michael is invited to address industry groups, trade associations, executive officers, academics and students alike.He has received high marks for educational as well as entertainment value.His presentations include brand strategy, brand identity, packaging trends, do’s and don’ts of package design, FDA required disclosures, design agency management, category-specific reviews, and other topics. Michael will update existing material on a case-by-case basis, and is available to develop new presentations upon request.

Please contact Michael directly for further information.

Michael Consults

Bringing Real, Relevant Experience to Your Concern

Michael consults with organizations looking to refocus their branding and communications programs. Engagements range from developing top-level brand strategy, to category analysis and competitive breakdowns, to creative direction and management of in-house execution.

Please contact Michael directly for discussion or proposal.


Bringing A-list Talent to Your Assignment

Goldforest has reformed, regrouped and recreated itself over the years. It’s been essential, given the constant evolution in media and communications.

Today’s Goldforest is leaner and more nimble than yesterday’s; we’re better able to serve clientele a broader range of services. Our results-generating, award-winning work comes from collaboration with a talented group of designers, writers, linguists, digital developers, consultants, and other experienced professionals.

In fact our most valuable asset might be the relationships we’ve built, over many years, with these highly successful businesspeople in the creative world. We coordinate their efforts as needed in an effective and, from our clients’ perspective, a generally transparent manner.

Clients get many of the benefits of working with a large agency, while maintaining a close relationship with a highly experienced agency principal, and paying competitive rates for top-flight talent.

Our system works. If you think it could for you, let Michael know.