Four Steps to Food & Beverage Brand Development

Brand building in the competitive food & beverage sector has never been more challenging. Here are four steps every marketer should take,

Four Key Elements of B2B Marketing

I’ve performed dozens of B2B efforts – campaigns, brand consulting, corporate identity – you name it. Now I’d like to share four

The Black & White of Artisanal Brand Identity

It's curious that two of the most powerful colors are also the most basic. They were out in force at the Fancy

Coca Cola China

Copycat Branding: The American Precedent

A while back, Nigel Hollis, Chief Global Analyst at Millward Brown, published an interesting post on brand copycatting in China.  (Copycat manufacturers

Goldforest Blog Polaroid Land Camera

A Corollary to McLuhan: The Medium Is Not Necessarily the Brand

Gourmet may survive the death of its original medium, the magazine. Polaroid, on the other hand, is inseparable from the form that

The Power of Visual Branding

There are many forms of branding, but the most powerful is generally considered to be visual. People respond to visual cues more

Brands Are For Real, Even When They’re Not

In an eye opening lawsuit filed Tuesday by online entrepreneur Kevin Alderman against Linden Lab, operators of the virtual reality website Second

The Rising Tide of Premium Brand Extensions

I read about P&G’s introduction of Tide Basic with surprise and disappointment. To me it’s a tactical move that will increase short

Sears Tower, Harley Davidson and Ft Lauderdale’s River House Restaurant

Three disparate articles from the business section of the Miami Herald caught my attention today. Not for their actual content, but for the statement

First Gen Hispanics Less Interested in Private Label?

Supermarket News reports in its June 22 issue that Hispanics in Spanish-dominant households are less likely to buy private label products than

Private Label Misstep for Publix Brand

I am a big fan of Publix supermarket’s store name private label brand. Ever since I first saw it some five years

Advertising Ignores Boomers, For Good Reason?

A duo of independently written articles seemed to pose and then suggest an answer to a question that's been on a lot

Teens and Eco Branding

MediaPost reported in its Engage: Teens newsletter today that while teens show a genuine interest in the environment, “when it comes to

Want to Know What Your Brand Stands For?

Noah Brier, author of a very interesting and diverse blog, has created a very cool visualization tool at If you're into