Teens and Eco Branding

MediaPost reported in its Engage: Teens newsletter today that while teens show a genuine interest in the environment, “when it comes to brand involvement in green issues, however, they have a nuanced view.” The study reports that 67% of teens want to make a difference in this area. But teens 13-17 would choose a less expensive, non-green brand over one that costs more but is not as eco-friendly, while those 18-29 would “pay more for a product if they knew some of their investment was going towards an environmental cause.”

The article includes recommendations for capitalizing on the results of the research. Among them, brand marketers must educate teens on how to take action in their environments, turning their desire to support green causes into meaningful results. Also, adding green content to the brand Website and pushing eco-apps on social media sites are considered worthwhile ventures.

For more, visit www.mediapost.com.

Michael Gold

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